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  Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe, Slick Drill Collar, Spiral Drill Collar, Nonmagnetic Drill Collar, Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Integral Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Kelly for oil well drilling, water well drilling and so on

DRILL PIPE:                                                            DRILL PIPE

Sizes: 2 3/8” ~ 5 ½” O.D.; 0.280” ~ 0.415” Wall Thickness

Specs: API-5D(for drill pipe body) 、API SPEC7(for tool joint)

Grades E, X-95, G-105, S-135

Ends: Upset Ends, for Weld on tool Joints (External Upset, Internal Upset, Internal & External Upset)                        

Also, square and hexagonal kellys and Integral heavy weight drill pipes are available too.


DRILL COLLAR: DRILL COLLAR                                                       

Size: 3 1/8”-11” OD; Length: 9150mm/9450mm

Spec.: API SPEC. 7                                                                     

Also, non-magnetic drill collars and spiral drill collars are available.